2016 Feed My Sheep Ministry Summary of Service

Thank you to Christ Church, individual donors, partners, and mission team members for supporting Feed My Sheep as we delivered the following services in 2016 to demonstrate God’s love to those in need in Honduras and to reach people for Christ:

• Free medical evaluations for 1,765 people, 4,850 free prescriptions resulting from those evaluations, and a 90-day supply of vitamins per person age 3 and above.  Pregnant women received a one-year supply of pre-natal vitamins.  A total of 171,900 vitamin tablets were distributed in 2016 by Feed My Sheep. Children under 3 received liquid vitamins.

• Vision clinic services to 943 people.

• School uniforms, shoes, school supplies and back packs for 255 public school students in 2016.  We have just ordered and funded school uniforms and shoes for 325 students for 2017. (The Honduran school year begins in February.)

• Awana Bible study materials, shirts, and supplies for 262 children.

• 1,968 Bibles in Spanish hand delivered individually on the streets of San Pedro Sula and Villa Neuva, Honduras in partnership with Bibles for Honduras

• 200 baby layettes (filled with clothes, burp cloth, blanket, etc.) hand delivered in maternity and NICU wards and prayers with families at public hospital for those who cannot pay for medical services

• 325 small stuffed animals to children in the pediatric wards along with prayers with families at public hospital.  Small stuffed animals also given in neighborhoods to children while distributing Bibles to families.

• Blankets, activity books, and stuffed animals to 55 children in cancer ward with prayers with their families

• Private school sponsor program coordination for 4 students at a Christian multi-lingual school and for 1 student at a school for the deaf

• Funding for a children’s feeding program through a local church in Honduras. 

• Received, provided accounting for, and dispersed funds for roof replacement and some school supplies at a Christian bi-lingual school with 180 students.  Delivered sports equipment purchased by a mission team member.

Our two mission trips to Honduras in 2016 involved 15 mission team members with support from many volunteers in the U.S. and in Honduras.

With your help, we will continue to share God’s love through services to those in need in Honduras.  Thank you very much.

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