Welcome Ministries

Communion Stewards

Stewards assist the pastors in serving communion to the congregation during all Sunday worship services.  Stewards are asked monthly to designate which service they are able to serve, resulting in approximately 6 to 10 services per year.  Minimal training.


Our Greeters are here to connect people to Jesus Christ with welcoming hospitality as people walk in the doors of Christ Church. Greeter Ministries are available to welcome people, hand out bulletins and other pertinent information at the doors of the sanctuary and are available to answer questions as needed.  Time commitment is minimal:  30 minutes prior to the start of church service for prayer and a few minutes after the start of each service, as often as each week, twice a month or once a month, depending on your schedule and availability.

Ministry for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

This team is for people who fluent in American Sign Language would like to share this skill serving God.  We are seeking volunteers to sign during worship services and special events.

Parking Ministry

Be on the front lines of welcoming people to Christ Church as you help guests and church members find parking spots!  Volunteers will be active in guiding traffic through the parking lot during special events, and holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

Pie Ministry

Volunteers pick up furnished bakery pies (with directions and maps) at the church and deliver them to our guests as a follow-up to their visit to the church.  Time requirement will vary based on the number of Sunday visitors, but usually once or twice a month for approximately an hour.  Come and help with a beloved Christ Church tradition.


Shuttle Drivers

Help Christ Church open up parking spots for new visitors.  You can drive the shuttle on Sunday mornings to help people get from the shuttle lot to church.  Shifts are 2.5 hours each beginning at 7:45am.  Volunteers typically drive once a month.  Training provided.

Sync Center

This team helps people connect.  Guests get information on upcoming events and find out more about ministry opportunities.  Volunteers are needed to staff the center before and after each worship service.


Our Ushers are available each Sunday to connect people to Jesus Christ through seating people, helping with the needs of those attending, counting attendance for each service, collecting the offering for each service and serving to make for an orderly procession for Communion Sunday. Ushers are also available to answer questions and show hospitality to all that enter the doors of Christ Church. Time commitment:  30 minutes prior to the start of church service for prayer and availability during the church service for attendance, taking offering and, when scheduled, serving for our communion needs. Frequency of commitment may be as little as once a month or more often, as you choose and depending on your schedule and availability.

Welcome Center

Our Welcome Center is our hub for first time visitors, new members and any questions that need to be answered for anyone that enter our doors. We exist not only to connect people with Jesus Christ but also to make people coming in from the community feel welcome as they seek a church home. At times, we give Welcome Tours, showing our facility to new folks, answering questions about our ministries and working in connection with the Sync Center. Time commitment:  30 minutes prior to service for prayer, 10 minutes after service begins and approximately 15 minutes after service to be available to answer questions.