Disciple 1 Class Starting Soon

Disciple 1 is a 34 class study of the Bible.  We will cover 87% of the Bible with daily reading assignments and weekly videos, discussions, small groups and Q&A.  If you would like to know the Bible better, join this course, commit to the effort, engage in meaningful discussions with your classmates and appreciate the AHA moments as we learn many intricacies of the Bible.   Although this is intended for those who are not Bible literate, any who have a biblical background are welcome, just realize to respect the opinion and position of all of your classmates. Everyone’s opinion is equally accepted.  We plan on meeting on Sunday afternoons after Labor Day with our coordination meeting to answer questions the Sunday before Labor Day, August 27th. The only expense is the expense of the book which should be available through the book store.  See Jim Oppedaljimoppedal@mychristchurch.com or Pam Huff with questions.

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