Ever-Present God

“May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart and mind be pleasing to you oh, Lord!” — Psalm 19:14

By Kathy Seibel
The Flame Volunteer Writer

When I was asked to write my story, my first reaction was “Not me! I have no life changing story.” I don’t particularly enjoy writing, and I took this semester off school so I didn’t have to write any papers. God reminded me, before I quickly make a decision, that I need to stop and let Him guide and help me. He reminds me that I can do anything through Him. I pray my words are God-inspired, and that at least one person realizes how special they are to God.

I was not raised in a church-going family. We didn’t pray before a meal or speak of Jesus as the Way, the Light and the Hope. My faith journey started in the late ’70s when I was asked by a neighbor to join some of the neighborhood mothers for coffee. I had three children under the age of four and craved female companionship, so I said yes!  Little did I know, this event would change my life forever.

I don’t remember too much about that day, other than I felt welcome, and the woman who was hosting the coffee get-together asked me why I thought I was going to heaven. I told her because I was a good person and loved God! She proceeded to tell me about Jesus and how He died to set me free.  I was extremely intrigued and wanted to know more. She read scripture to me and answered my questions. She said it was as simple as praying and asking Jesus into my heart and life. So I prayed with her, not really understanding how important and monumental it would be to my life.

I became part of the group – my faith was growing and all was good. But as God will have it, He changes your path and sends you down a road that may be different than what you want. My husband got a job in Arkansas and I had to leave everything and everyone behind.

We moved to Arkansas, but I could not find a church I could call home; my spiritual life became stagnate.  After several years in Arkansas I moved back to Illinois, divorced with five children.  My life was busy and I thought I was in control.  I now had seven children and my life was full of successes and defeats, but something was missing. My mother, sister and I started attending St. Matthew’s Methodist Church and I again became part of a church, growing in spirit and faith.  But God is full of surprises; again a new opportunity was about to unfold.

My mother passed away and I could not continue to worship at St. Matthew’s, the hurt was too great. I didn’t attend every week and eventually stopped attending altogether.  At the same time, my daughter and son-in-law had started attending Christ Church and continually invited me to join them. I finally said yes.  At first I went with them sporadically, kind of hiding out in the balcony, keeping to myself. I am not sure when or how it happened, but my faith and the Lord became the most important things in my life. I started looking to God for everything, trusting not in myself but in Him, letting Him guide my path. I get up every morning and praise Him for the day and say, “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart and mind be pleasing to you oh, Lord,” (Psalm 19:14).

My life has been full of want and abundance; I have not always walked the path with Him but I always felt His presence and love, felt the comfort of His arms encircling me. He patiently waited on me, never giving up. I look back on my life and can see the plan He had to bring me to this point. Each day, no matter what it brings, is a joyous day full of the comfort and love of the Lord.

God has that same love for everyone; He is waiting for you. Receive the gift of His love, the opportunity for Him to show all He has in store for you. Give Him control of your life and believe and trust in Him. I guarantee you will never be sorry.

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