Tween Ministries


Highway 252 is the road to help connect and equip the kids in this ministry to student ministry at Christ Church.  Highway 252 is derived from Luke 2:52 which talks about how Jesus growing in wisdom, stature and favor with God and Man.  This time in your child’s life is so difficult to navigate not only socially but spiritually, we want to give them the tools to connect to the larger church.

Our goal at Christ Church is to connect everyone with Christ and our goal with Highway 252 is to connect tweens in a safe environment that allows them to ask questions and grow.  By plugging them in at such a poignant time in there lives we are helping to ensure that they have a deep rooted faith that will grow and transform their hearts.

Parents can expect their children to receive a biblically sound message, encounter engaging and energetic worship and connect with friends and leaders through small groups.  Your children will also grow through the opportunities to serve others in our church and community.