Project 200

Project 200 is an effort to lead 200 people into a relationship with Christ in 2016 through the ministry of Christ Church.


Project 200 Updates

We have seen 41 people give their lives to Christ through Project 200! Thank you for sharing your story and staying in prayer for people to meet Jesus!

Your prayers are NEEDED during this time. If we ask God to make his love clear to people, MANY people will give their lives to Christ! Someone ask recently, “Why do we need to ask God for things? If he knows what we need, shouldn’t he just give it to us?” Great questions, but the answer is simple! Prayer allows God to show up in our lives. If we don’t pray, how do we know it is God showing up?

God is waiting on us to ask him to show up in a big way at Christ Church! God won’t do it unless we ask!

Imagine if your favorite musician or celebrity came over to your house anytime he or she wanted to. You would eventually take their presence for granted. However, if you kept asking and asking and eventually they came over you would be blown away! You would never expect someone of their stature to walk into your home and WANT TO fellowship with you. God wants to blow our minds with how many people come to know Christ, but we HAVE TO ask.

Stay in prayer and God will do what only he can do!

This week we will be training people in sharing the Gospel. We are calling it Project 200: Salvation. We will meet at the C/M Campus at 3pm this Sunday April 17th. Whatever campus you attend join us!