April 10th – Holy Week Good Friday

Kevin Siddle

Early AM: Jesus is taken to Pontius Pilate
9:00am: Jesus is placed on a cross. 
12:00pm: Darkness covers the whole land. 
3:00pm: Jesus died. 
6:00pm: Jesus’ body is laid in a tomb.
Less than 24 hours before his death, Jesus was eating the Passover meal with his disciples. In the course of one day, it seems that Jesus’ ministry had ended. The ministry of love, forgiveness, encouragement, and grace had come to a crashing halt. Any thoughts of a leader bringing Jerusalem back to its former glory are over. 
However, in the darkest moment of humankind, there are signs of hope and love. A criminal asking to be with Jesus in His kingdom. A Roman centurion that recognizes the divinity of Jesus. Jesus’ acquaintances and followers, who watched from a distance. Joseph of Arimathea who risked his own status to bring Jesus’ body to rest. The women who followed Jesus to prepare his body. 
These people could not do great things for Jesus. They had no power to stand against the Jewish Council or the Roman government. They were limited. However, they sought out Jesus when even his disciples abandoned him. 
The painting pictured is by Mihály Munkácsy titled Golgatha. 

*Adapted from the Life Application Bible Commentary of Luke