Congregational Care

Christ Church is a sanctuary of hope and a place where hurting people find help in Christ and community. Our Congregational Care Team is here to serve you and your family in times of need. Our Visitation Team visits hospitals daily seeking comfort and encourage those who are hurting. Our Shepherd Care Team visits the home-bound, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. We also have many resources we can provide you with to help you through difficult circumstances. 

Congregational Care from Birth to Death

  • Prayer during life emergencies including childbirth, family illness, family deaths etc. 
  • “Wee” Welcome ministry to families with new children.
  • Resource information during time of crisis. 
  • Hospital visitation, prayer, scripture and communion upon request. 
  • Shepherds Care for home bound patients to include grocery shopping, visitation, scripture reading and communion. In home meals during a crisis (by request).
  • Faith Community Nursing to promote health and wellness and emergency coverage at all events and services.  
  • Facilitation of community services in nursing homes, assisted living and rehab.   
  • Prayer Partners 
  • Medical Equipment available for short term use (wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, shower chairs, sit to stand recliner, etc.) 
  • Weddings
  • Advance Directives, End of Life Care and funeral planning
  • Funerals 
  • Network of Caring 
  • Pastoral Counseling  and Marriage Counseling 


Rev. Carman Wuebbels
Associate Pastor
Certified Marriage Counselor