Leader Questions for Week 2

Questions for Luke 5 – 9

Feel free to add your own questions to your Connect Group conversations! 

Luke 5: 
In regard to the Scripture passage, do you think you would have been convinced that there was Divine Presence in Jesus, or would you have been skeptical?
How have you experienced the Divine Presence of Christ personally? If yes, explain.
How have you experienced the Divine Presence of Christ in your church? If yes, explain.
In either case from question 2 or 3, what was your response or action to this experience? 
Luke 6: 
Is there someone you consider to be a personal enemy? Is there any reason that an enemy should not be forgiven?
Has someone considered you an enemy (by your fault, or no fault of your own) and was the feeling mutual? If so, were you able to move them from your enemy column to your love column?
How does the call to praying for an enemy effect your understanding of forgiveness beyond mere lip service? 
Luke 7: 
In both instances, Jesus helped these women when they were at their lowest points in life. Why do you think he chooses to act when he does?
Have you experienced new life out of a dark or low point in your life or witnessed it in someone else?
Looking at the passage about Jesus forgiving the sinful woman (Luke 7:36-50), what can we learn about who is acceptable in the Kingdom of God?
Since we are all sinners saved by grace - just like this woman - do we come anywhere near the outpouring of love and thanksgiving in our worship of Jesus that she exemplifies? Are we too reserved? Ashamed? Worried what others may think? 
Luke 8: 
Have you experienced a storm within a storm? How did you cope with it?
Why do we react to the storms in our lives in ways that often make those storms intensify?
Do you know someone experiencing a storm right now? What can you do to bring the light of Christ to them?
Do you have a testimony of how some brought the light of Christ to you during your storm? 
Luke 9:
What part of “self” do you need to crucify in order to be a disciple of Christ?
How does one balance the understanding that our sins are forgiven, but that does not give us a license to sin?
What spiritual disciplines do you have in place, or need to put in place in order to die to self each day?