Leader Questions for Week 3

Questions for Luke 10 – 14

Feel free to add your own questions to your Connect Group conversations! 

Luke 10: 
Are you willing to pray regularly for laborers for the harvest?
Are you willing to be a laborer for Christ? 
Are you more inclined to “be” or to “do” when it comes to your faith? 
Luke 11: 
What do you do when Jesus’ teachings elude you?
You read it but you don’t get it? 
Do you struggle to link the culture and context of the Bible to today? 
Luke 12: 
Can you recall a time you were ashamed of Jesus? 
What do you think is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? 
Do you struggle with worry? Why or why not? 
If Jesus would return tomorrow evening, how might you spend your morning and afternoon? 
Luke 13: 
Have you ever struggled with anything that stole your time from God? 
What spiritual role do you think disease and disaster play?

Luke 14: 
How is being a disciple different than being a church attendee?
What is the cost of discipleship?
Are you willing to pay that cost?