Leader Questions for Week 4

Questions for Luke 15 – 19

Feel free to add your own questions to your Connect Group conversations! 

Luke 15: 
Do you need Jesus? Moreover, do you need him the way these sinners needed him? 
How do you feel when you repent? What emotions are going through your mind when you humble yourself and ask forgiveness from God? 
Do you ever celebrate the spiritual victories over sin of others? If so, how? 
Have you ever found yourself ‘comparing testimonies’? What does scripture say about how we are uniquely gifted to serve Him?  
Luke 16: 
Do you plan ahead in your desires to serve the Lord? In what ways? Are you strategic like the manager? 
Do you have a plan for your generosity? 
What are some ways that you can be generous that are outside of the norm? A simple example could be buying someone a cup of coffee and offering a word of encouragement. 
Are you faithful in the little things? If you are, praise God! What greater thing could you be praying about that you could ask God to fulfill?  
Luke 17: 
Have you ever gone to battle with scripture? How do you respond when what the Bible says challenges you deeply?
How do you handle temptation? Have any ‘go-to’ tips and tricks to help you manage the temptation? Have any scriptures that you personally use to help? 
Why is faith so important to forgiveness? 
Think about other scriptures you have read up to this point, what have people been able to accomplish through their faith? 
Luke 18: 
If all of the distractions were removed, what would you spend all your time praying about? Your family, your friends, forgiveness, salvation? 
Do you cry out to God? What does that look like to you? Do you have a prayer closet, do you go for a walk, sit in your car? 
What do you think of the Tax Collector in verse 13? What about the Pharisee? 
What are some practical ways that we can make sure we’re not comparing sins?  
Luke 19:
What do you think Zacchaeus was hoping for when he climbed into that tree to see Jesus? 
If Jesus called to you, would you come running? Or would you be distracted by work, family, phone, etc.? 
If you could host Jesus for dinner, what would you like to talk with him about? 
Do you have anyone in your life that you need to make things right?