Leader Questions for Week 5

Questions for Luke 20 – 24

Feel free to add your own questions to your Connect Group conversations! 

Luke 20: 
When you read the parable of the vineyard owner, why do you think the owner sent his son, even after his servants were killed? 
The religious leaders were trying to get Jesus to justify not paying taxes, do people still attempt to stretch the truths of scripture to justify not obeying the government? 
Do you see the hypocrisy that Jesus points out to the religious leaders today?
What does it mean to you to turn the other cheek?
Luke 21: 
Do you struggle when Jesus talks about the end times? 
Do you struggle with Jesus proclaiming persecution and betrayal because of following Him? 
How is Jesus’ message of love and justice connected? 
Luke 22: 
What questions does this idea raise for you that Satan ‘entered’ Judas. 
Similarly, Satan asked to ‘sift Peter like wheat,’ what do you think of this possibility? That Satan can ask and Jesus could permit Satan to test Peter. 
Why do you think Jesus sweat like drops of blood? 
Luke 23: 
Why do you think Jesus refused to answer Herod? 
What do you think was Pilate’s goal in trying to release Jesus multiple times? 
What do you think about the criminal who asked for Jesus to remember him? 

Luke 24:
How would you react, fully expecting to see a body, instead finding an empty tomb? 
How would you react when others don’t believe you? 
What would it be like to see a risen Jesus?