Leader Questions for Week 6

Questions for Holy Week

Feel free to add your own questions to your Connect Group conversations! 

Palm Sunday:
Can you imagine the scene of Jesus entering into Jerusalem? What do you think would be the most exciting? 
What do you think the religious leaders were thinking? What about the Romans? 
Knowing what we do now, how would you react if you were in the crowd? 
Holy Monday:
Who is Jesus standing up for when he cleared the temple? 
When you think about church today, do you consider it a house of prayer, worship, study, or something else?
Jesus is ‘damaging livelihoods’ when he cleared the temple. Do you know of a time when believing in Jesus put someone at odds with a profession? 
Has there been a time where you went against the establishment for Jesus? 
Holy Tuesday:
Why do you think Jesus spent his last days teaching? 
If you knew you had one week to live, how would you act it out? Who would you spend time with? 
Has there been a time where you had to rebuke someone because of their sin? Did you do it openly, as Jesus did with the religious leaders?  
Holy Wednesday:
Why do you think Judas betrayed Jesus? 
What do you think about Satan ‘entering’ Judas? 
What do you think was the response of the religious leaders when Judas walked in?
Maundy Thursday:
What do think the feeling of the room was like during the Last Supper? Just a few days after the Triumphal Entry, Jesus pushing against the establishment, and yet Jesus also predicting his death. 
Why did Jesus eagerly desire the time with the disciples knowing what was coming soon?
When you take Holy Communion today, what do you think about? What does Holy Communion mean to you?  
Good Friday:
If you were one of Jesus’ disciples, how would you feel watching him be taken away by the guards? 
Would you have stayed in the back at the crucifixion (many of Jesus’ female followers) or would you have left (like the disciples)?
Do you think the disciples left out of fear, shame or guilt? Or because they couldn’t bear to see Jesus on the cross?
How would you react to the dead raising?
Holy Saturday:
What do you think the disciples were doing the day after Jesus died on the cross? 
What would you do? Would you try and move forward, or take time to grieve? 
Resurrection Sunday:
Would you have gone to the tomb at the first opportunity? 
If someone came to you saying that someone you had loved, dearly, had risen from the dead, what would be your reaction? Why?
You have an opportunity to see and talk with a resurrected Jesus, what would you ask him?