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Christ Church invites you to come just as you are. No preparations, no changes, nothing to hide…simply come. At Christ Church you always have a place and a home. We welcome you as part of our family, where you are sure to be accepted, loved and appreciated. Come join us and connect with Jesus Christ.
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Right Turn Ministries is excited to share an incredible update....

On Sept 4th, 2018, Right Turn Ministries set out to make food a sustainable priority at the Jeremiah 29:11 Mission House in Honduras. They did so by installing an aquaponics system with a built in green house that would serve as a fish hatchery to grow fish, as well as place to grow fruit trees.
Just over a year later, the fish hatchery is producing approx. 60 tilapia every 90 days. This is providing the children at the mission with much needed protein in their diet; a diet that previously consisted mostly of beans and rice.
When you support this ministry, you support projects such as this.

If you are interested in traveling to Honduras with the team, their next trip is scheduled for July 16-24, 2020 where they will be doing work at the Jeremiah 29:11 Mission as well as hosting a 3 night, 3 city Revival Crusade. This trip is almost full, but there are a few seats remaining.
To learn more about Right Turn Ministries and the work they are doing, please visit their website at

For more detailed information, please contact

Cheryl Shoffstall at: or 618-660-5033.
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11/13/19 Wednesday Night Going Deeper | Romans
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