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Prime Timer’s Trip Sign Ups – Bosnian Tour

The Prime Timers will be going on a Bosnian Tour in St. Louis, MO on Thursday, April 11. They will leave the FH Campus at 8:45am. The cost is $38 for lunch and the bus. At 9:30am we will arrive at Bevo Mill area. The tour will include the Bevo Mill, root history of Bosnian-Serb conflict, history of Bosnian war, and refugees. Shopping opportunities at European Grocery, middle east confectionery, coffee shop, piratic, and Bosnian Butcher shop. Lunch at Grbic Restaurant at 12:15pm. We will return to the church around 3:00pm.

Get your tickets in the FH Campus Bookstore on ´╗┐March 17th and March 24th.

Questions? Contact Christine Phillips at