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Project Christmas Cheer

Christ Church has been buying Christmas gifts for needy residents in our local and regional nursing homes since 1999 and we plan to continue doing so again this year.  This is a wonderful way to serve Christ ‘Around the Corner’.  We work with the nursing homes to find the residents most in need of our help.  Most of these seniors have very little disposable income to buy necessities and many of them have no family left to help support their needs.  So when we buy a sweatshirt, robe, body lotions, etc., it is meaningful to them and very much appreciated.

We collect the names, gift ideas, and sizes and place the information in envelopes.  These envelopes will be available for distribution at the SYNC desk on Dec 2 and Dec 9, 2018, for all services at Fairview Heights and our three campuses.  If you are able to help us with this worthy cause, please take an envelope, buy and wrap the gift and return it to Christ Church/Fairview Heights no later than Dec 16, 2018  Volunteers will then make the proper distribution.

We have solicited input from 18 local and regional area nursing homes and expect to have the names of more than 350 residents.  We need your help to honor our commitment to provide a gift to each one of these seniors. God bless you all and thank you.

If you have any questions about Project Christmas Cheer contact Jean Casey at