Reading for April 4th – Luke 24

Shane L. Bishop

“Why do you look for the living among the dead” is compelling. The resurrection testimony of the women was not believed. It seemed too good to be true…that being said, Peter ran to the tomb to see for himself…and is left marveling.

The Emmaus story is a good example of the way resurrection news spread…slowly. Note Jesus simply walks with them before engaging.

A risen Jesus encounters two disciples heading the wrong direction. They thought things were over.

Their “eyes were opened” and Jesus vanished! Back in Jerusalem Jesus goes to some measure to prove he is not a ghost. Finally he eats in front of them. Apparently it was common knowledge that ghosts don’t eat.

Now their eyes are opened and what they had been taught suddenly comes alive.

The final instruction to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit sets up Luke’s sequel; Acts.

The book ends with the Ascension, joyful worship and obedience.

You have finished the book of Luke! Congratulations! If this the first time you have finished reading one of the Gospels, let me know!

Not Our Plan

The disciples and followers of Jesus Christ could not prepare themselves for the crucifixion. They believed that Jesus had come to deliver them from tyranny, from pain, and from the many difficulties of this world. Jesus did all of those things, just not in the way that they believed he would. Throughout scripture we see many references of God’s plans differ from our own. Just when we (or the Biblical characters) believe that the sand has emptied from the hourglass, God does something more amazing than we could have ever guessed. The disciples didn’t think Jesus would raise from the dead, and yet, there he was. Just when you think time has run out, and there’s no chance for a miracle, that’s the perfect time to be looking for God. He’s just getting started.

*Adapted from the Life Application Bible Commentary of Luke