Reading for March 20th – Luke 13

Shane L. Bishop

In a culture where popular belief was that people got what they had coming to them; things like disease and disaster were theological issues. Jesus states that apart from repentance; we are all destined for disaster.

The fig tree parable applies to many people and churches; unlike his love, God’s patience is not unending. This bends back to the warnings about being vigilant. We don’t have forever to get right with God.

The tension between being loved by the people and hated by the establishment is an exercise in Newton’s Third Law. People in this dynamic become either martyrs or kings. Jesus was both.

Mustard was not a garden plant; it was wilder. Like mint, mustard will take over a whole garden if left unchecked. The Kingdom of God is HUGE and cannot be controlled! You just have to let it grow!

Give it one more chance.

One more.

Luke 13:8 “The gardener answered, ‘Sir, give it one more chance.’” – If God’s judgement came today, would you be grateful? Or would you wish you had more time? The parable of the barren fig tree reminds us that judgement will come and Jesus has graciously asked for more time. More time for what? To accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and to bear fruit for God.

*Adapted from the Life Application Bible Commentary of Luke