Reading for March 21st – Luke 14

Shane L. Bishop

Humility is a huge theme today. There is no downside to humility before God and humanity.

The heads up about Herod by some of the Pharisees, reminds us that Jesus had some supporters in their ranks.

Note the rare female image of a hen used to describe God in the lament over Jerusalem.

Finally, the ancients threw feasts to impress; Jesus reminds us that true generosity is that offered to those who never return the favor. This generosity is rewarded by God!

The parable of the great supper features the same guest list as those mentioned yesterday’s teaching about humility (who could never repay). They come because they are hungry. Those on the original guest list are written off. This theme of “A-listers” ending up outside and the lowly landing inside is a recurring theme of Luke’s. The rich are too comfortable, busy and distracted to respond to salvation. The poor have nothing better to do. Nothing at all!

The cost of discipleship is high. The failure of a disciple is serious. We are encouraged to “count the cost.”

How is being a disciple different than being a church attendee?
What is the cost of discipleship?
Are you willing to pay that cost?

Casual Christianity

Throughout scripture Jesus repeatedly reminds us that the cost of being his disciple is high. There isn’t room for casual Christianity if you are a disciple of Jesus Christ. Jesus may call you to make difficult decisions in your profession, your family, or your relationships. Are you prepared to fully commit to a life of discipleship? 

  • Luke 9:23
  • Luke 9:59-62
  • Luke 14:26-27

*Adapted from the Life Application Bible Commentary of Luke