Reading for March 31st – Luke 21

Shane L. Bishop

Jesus is clearly apocalyptic in this reading. Moderns often want a “softer” Jesus but his own teachings reveal another side. Love is the message but there is a game clock that will eventually signal the end of Time and Space as we know it. That clock is ticking…

The 70 AD fall of Jerusalem is predicted here but remember such a war was all but inevitable during Jesus’ life. No prophet required. The double ring that points to the Second Coming offers testimony to events that (according to where you live) have occurred over and over in history. Especially with the Jews.

When will Jesus return? We don’t know but we are to live ready.

What three things would you do right now if you knew Jesus was returning tomorrow?

How is Jesus’ message of love and justice connected? 

The final guarantee that “this generation will not pass away,” makes one think Jesus’ teachings must have been referring to the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD. But the Bible often has a double ring…

The Cost

Have you lost anything by becoming a follower of Jesus Christ? Have you lost relationships, friendships, a job, a promotion, or opportunities? Jesus is clear that his followers will lose relationships because of him. No matter how much it hurts though, we have a greater relationship in front of us with Jesus Christ. What’s more? That relationship is eternal. We can be thankful that Christ made his great sacrifice first, and for us. If you’re being rejected and pushed away for your faith, take that as confirmation of your acceptance by the Lord.

*Adapted from the Life Application Bible Commentary of Luke