Reading for March 5th – Luke 2

Shane L. Bishop

Joseph would have been most suspect traveling with a woman carrying a full term baby who was not yet his wife. No one can deny there is a baby. He knows it is not his baby. Scandal.
The circumstances surrounding these two births are both very different and very much the same. That Joseph is of the family line of David has significance.
The “angels to the shepherds” Christmas account is well known. Note the shepherds immediate desire to see for themselves what the angels proclaimed. Some things you just have to see for yourself!
Google: Bethlehem
Like John, Jesus is given a name chosen for him by an angel. Names outside of family names were rare. The naming was an act of obedience. The Temple sacrifice made by Joseph is the “poor man’s offering.” Jesus is not even born into relative wealth or influence. John may have been born into both.
This passage is of the boyhood of Jesus. It is a gift Luke gives us. Jesus is prophesied over by Simeon and Anna in the Temple. Simeon was led to the Temple by the Spirit. Anna seemed to dwell there...
Twice in the passage, the boy Jesus is favorably described. He appears to be a child prodigy. Not surprising.
Joseph and Mary would have been most devout to make the long haul to the Jerusalem Temple each year. It would not have been required by law due to the distance from Nazareth. Clearly Jesus is being carefully raised in the Jewish faith.
Travelers normally stayed in groups for safety. They would have walked the Jordan River Valley. The 90ish mile walk to and from Jerusalem would have taken several days. You can drive it today in a couple of hours. The women usually went in front and the men protected the rear. A child of twelve might be with either group. The mix up is understandable.
Losing the son of God had to be tense for a while...
The “Father’s business” quote stands out leaving the reader to wonder how much the boy Jesus knows of his true identity. It should not be lost on us that Jesus obeyed his parents in the final thought.
Do you think Jesus always knew God’s plan for him or that the awareness grew as he aged?
Jesus is growing up well!

Do Not Be Afraid.

Throughout the Bible we see a consistent response from individuals who are confronted by God or his angels – fear. Along with that, we see an all too familiar phrase, “Do not be afraid.” The power and might of God can certainly bring fear, but we shouldn’t stay in that fear. God loves us, and he is communicating with us and the Biblical characters because he desires a close relationship.

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  • Moses: Numbers 21:34
  • Joshua: Joshua 8:1
  • Jeremiah: Lamentations 3:57
  • Daniel: Daniel 10:12, 19
  • Zechariah: Luke 1:13
  • Mary: Luke 1:30
  • Shepherds: Luke 2:10
  • Peter: Luke 5:10
  • Paul: Acts 27:23-24
  • John: Revelation 1:17-18

*Adapted from the Life Application Bible Commentary of Luke