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1 Corinthians 10:13 The temptations in your life are no different from others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand.


As with all topical Bible studies, we recommend that you read the entire verse in context to get a better understanding what the Biblical author was trying to say.

Bible Plans On YouVersion

Dear Addicition…

“Dear Addiction…” is a 5-day reading plan that dives into the cycle of addiction from a biblical standpoint. The Word offers so much insight and power regarding our struggles, we pray that this devotional comforts and inspires you through the recovery process!

Overcoming Addiction

Have an addiction or know someone who might? Addictions are so common that in fact, we all have at least 1 or 2. In this series, Dr. Karl Benzio, a Christian psychiatrist, uses psychological sciences about how God designed our minds to work and unpacks the cause and symptoms of addiction, then helps us understand how to apply the cure God reveals in the Bible to renew our mind and find freedom over the addictive idols of our heart.

Rescue Me!

Do you need to be rescued? Addictions usually take you further than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay and cost you more than you want to spend. In this reading plan, writer Paul Marc Goulet shares about this topic.

Finding Hope: A Plan for Loved Ones of Addicts

Lance Lang and his parents understand what it feels like to endure a decade long battle with addiction. The worry, fear, pain & guilt. In the “Finding Hope Devotional” you will receive wisdom, insight & instruction from both the addict & the parent’s perspective. These hopeful, yet practical steps, will help you & your family battle the addiction issues plaguing your home. Come, find help, find hope, find peace in this nine-day devotional.

Video Plans On Right Now Media

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Goliath Must Fall

It’s likely you have a giant in your life. It’s holding you captive, intimidating you with its taunts, and stealing your joy. Adversaries such as fear, anger, addiction, and others can stake a claim and, before you know it, gain a foothold in your heart. How do you live as if these giants are dead and silenced once and for all? In this six-session video Bible study, Louie Giglio examines the David and Goliath story to show you how: by focusing on the size of our God, not the height of your giants. As they go down, you gain freedom to walk in the victory Christ already won over the enemies that rob you of God’s best for your life.
Sessions include:

  1. Dead but Still Deadly
  2. Fear Must Fall
  3. Rejection Must Fall
  4. Comfort Must Fall
  5. Anger Must Fall
  6. Addiction Must Fall

This series is intended for groups of all kinds, including home groups, grief groups, support groups, divorce care groups, and loss groups. Each video corresponds with the book chapters, and pairs well with its companion workbook for individuals to process their grief, Journaling Through the Anchors for the Soul. Study guide for participants available

The Bridge

In The Bridge: A Biblical Introduction to the Twelve Steps, author and Christian recovery teacher Amanda Anderson demonstrates the tremendous power of the Twelve Step model to change the lives of Christian men and women. Though Christian communities sometimes view the Twelve Steps as a secular approach to recovery, Amanda shows how the model, based on the teachings of Jesus, the Proverbs, and the book of James, is a slow-growth, step-by-step guide to connecting with God’s love and maturing in character. Whether they struggle with relationship issues, depression and anxiety, compulsive eating, substance abuse, addiction to pornography or other unwanted sexual behavior, participants will find real hope and a path forward into long-term spiritual health. In these sessions, Amanda will also help equip pastors and church staff to disciple those they lead into their next steps toward recovery.


Freedom Starts Today

Every church is filled with people who are struggling–often secretly–with addictions of all kinds. Porn, pills, food, money, alcohol, social media, body image, status, sex, anxiety–the list goes on and on. John Elmore is no stranger to addiction. Fifteen years ago, he put a loaded shotgun to his head and later had three doctors tell him he was going to die of alcoholism. More than 15 sober years later, he leads the world’s largest weekly recovery gathering, re: generation, where people journey toward healing in Christ.

In Freedom Starts Today, he makes a huge promise to the addicted: you can be free from your struggle, and much sooner than you may think. Through easily digestible readings grounded in Scripture and the practice of daily surrender, Elmore shows you how to break the cycle of addiction, make war against sin, and find your identity in who you areand not the shame of what you have done–one day at a time.

Leave behind struggles, addiction, and shame as you walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and in the love, mercy, and forgiveness of the God who is not only by your side but on your side.

Healing the Scars of Addiction

The wreckage of addiction lies scattered around too many people–from the one who is or was addicted to those in relationship with that person. Age-old culprits of drugs, alcohol, and gambling are joined by newer addictions, such as food, prescription medication, shopping, pornography, and technology. Left unaddressed, addiction devastates lives now and makes it difficult to see a positive way forward.

For anyone struggling with an addiction, attempting to live in recovery, or seeking to understand the mind of an addict they love, Dr. Jantz’s newest book is a lifeline. In it he helps readers answer tough questions, such as

– Am I an addict?
– Why is the first step so hard?
– How can I put my life back together?
– Where do I go from here?

Addiction doesn’t have to have the last word. Healing the Scars of Addiction offers a holistic approach to healing so that readers can reclaim their lives and move forward in hope.

Christian Families in Recovery

When addiction hits a family, it’s damage can be severe. Just as a hurricane-force storm devastates a physical home, the “storm” of addiction can bring destruction to everyone involved. Christian Families in Recovery will help you take a deeper look at the nature of addiction and recovery from a Christ-centered perspective. By learning the tools of intervention, you can love the addict, but establish an environment that will not support the addiction. Not only that, the heart of God seeks to reconcile and restore, even if only one member participates in recovery. Gaining this perspective can inject hope rather than despair. If the addict is entering recovery, you can develop a step-by-step family recovery plan that will affirm and respect the needs of all members. Someone else’s addiction doesn’t have to control you. Instead, you can learn to live in the empowerment of God’s method of redemption so you can help the addict and yourself.