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Psalm 119:49-50 Remember your promise to me; it is my only hope. Your promise revives me; it comforts me in all my troubles.


As with all topical Bible studies, we recommend that you read the entire verse in context to get a better understanding what the Biblical author was trying to say.

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Living Changed: After Divorce

Divorce grieves the heart of God. He hates seeing us in pain and holding onto guilt, shame, and fear. Despite our mistakes, He longs for us to accept His grace and know we are valued, cherished, and irreplaceable. No matter your circumstances, this plan will help you find healing from your divorce, so you can live the redeemed life God has for you—one full of hope, joy, and purpose.

Surviving Divorce

The heartbreak, the lost love, the grief and the shame that comes with unwanted divorce doesn’t have to stay forever. You don’t need to go through this alone. In this study, we’ll learn how we can lean heavily on God’s strength despite life’s most troubling events.


Divorce is everywhere today, even inside of families that go to church. And if your parents are in the midst of this difficult situation, you might feel like it is your fault or that life is spinning out of control. This seven-day plan will help you find God in the midst of the confusion and hurt you are experiencing.

Divorce To Healing: 31 Days Of Healing And Wholeness

God is the only answer for complete healing and wholeness, especially when it comes to divorce. Through this plan you will draw closer to God while gaining wisdom on how to handle your emotions and feelings during this most difficult time. Choosing to repeat the 31 days will reveal your progress while God continues to bind the wounds and give you greater closure.

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Why People Leave

What options do you have when you experience unmet expectations? Do you feel like you have no other option or that you have tried everything? When faced with any decision, what options are truly available? There may be more options than your emotions lead you to believe. You’ll learn the 3 A’s to help you process your expectations, behavior, and needs.

Have you seen the impact of broken relationships at church, work, or in the home? Whether you’ve been subjected to brokenness or want to lead others toward wholeness, this series will help individuals, churches, and families build better relationship skills. Our unapologetic goal is to help individuals stay whenever possible. But in the event that staying isn’t a viable option, we believe people can leave well. 

Marriage & Divorce: Real Truth. Real Quick.

Real Truth. Real Quick. is a video series that answers your questions about life, leadership the world we live in, the Bible, faith, or anything else that’s on your mind. You can submit your own questions, see the show notes for each episode, or subscribe for updates at realtruthrealquick.com. Subscribe to our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/realtruthrealquick.  



To be a separated or divorced Christian is to be an anomaly, a scandal. No one knows what box to put you in or what to do with you, and this no-man’s land–pun intended–can be a very isolating and core-shaking place to dwell.

Elisabeth Klein Corcoran knows from experience. After extensive counseling, mentoring, 12-step groups, many tears, and even more prayers, Elisabeth found her 18-year marriage ending in separation and divorce. A believer completely in love with Jesus, Elisabeth was alone, drowning in a sea of emotions, and questioning how to navigate her way through the end of her marriage.

Elisabeth walks readers through the varied emotions of being newly single in this collection of vulnerable and hopeful essays, expounding on some of the most common struggles of divorce: anger, faith, guilt, loneliness, and more. What started as an article for Crosswalk.com, has turned into a calling to soothe broken hearts with stories, prayer, action steps, and Scripture readings, helping readers hold on to profound faith and reassurance in the one Love that will never die.

Navigating Divorce for the Christian Man

As a Christian man navigating divorce, I looked everywhere for a book that would guide me through the process, and I couldn’t find one. Navigating Divorce for the Christian Man is my answer to that. Through scriptures and the sharing of my own very personal journey, this book is my gift to men just like me who fought for their marriages but did not find restoration. I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve experienced your pain. I’ve felt your anger and sadness. And I’ve experienced God’s grace and power during that battle. This book is for men like me who fought for their marriage, for their wife and their kids, but still lost it. It’s for guys who battled and did everything they could but woke up one day divorced. It’s for guys who felt like failures because they now showed up at church alone with the stigma of being a divorced Christian man. This book is for men just like you. There is hope for you, and if you’re a dad, for your children. There is peace for you in the midst of the chaos. There is life beyond your divorce because God is good and He loves you. This book is my thank you letter to God, and my way to bring you confidence during the most trying time of your life.

God Will Use This for Good

Does it ever feel like life is out of control? Could you use the reminder that God is in control?

When tragedy strikes, people desperately search for answers. Believers and unbelievers alike find themselves turning to God. Bestselling author and pastor Max Lucado tells us that though it may not be quick or painless, God will use this mess for good.

In this booklet, Max Lucado will help you:

  • Find courage to never give up during turbulent times
  • Trust God to help you through all of life’s trials
  • Remember that God will use every painful circumstance for good