PASTORS & Senior Staff

Rev. Shane Bishop

Senior Pastor

Rev. Dr. Michael Wooton

Senior Associate Pastor

Rev. Carman Wuebbels

Pastor of Congregational Care
Certified Marriage Counselor

Rev. Dr. Don Frazure

Pastor of Worship Arts

Alan Prass

Executive Director

Pastor Larry Weber

Pastor of Campus Ministries

Amanda Cates

Director of Family Life Ministries

Staff Directory


Brenda Hardin

Gary Wuebbels

George Buehler

Hannah Cline
Retail Services Assistant

Jim Hutchison
Safety & Security Director

John Roach

Justin Aymer
Director Of Communications

Mickey Buehler
Accounts Payable Clerk

Noël Russell
Director Of Retail Services

Samantha DeHart-Strom
Financial Administrator

Sarah Smith
Administrative Assistant

Teri Monken
Executive Assistant
IT Director
Data Administrator

Mark Mann
Director of Facilities


Kimberly Venable-Wilson
Christ Church Kids Coordinator

Samantha Lusher
Wonderfully Made Ministry Director

Sara Yankey
Tween Ministry Coordinator

Nancy Weber
Scott Campus Children’s Coordinator


Dave Roth
Scott Campus Site Administrator

Kelli Tobin
Athletic Ministries Coordinator

Kevin Siddle
Director of Discipleship


Erica Peel
Director of Student Ministries

Peyton Haas
Coordinator of Student Ministries


Amanda Montgomery
Worship Administrative Assistant

Carrie Gaxiola
Welcome Ministries Coordinator, Flame Editor, & Special Events Coordinator

Josh Gillam
Worship Leader & Video Tech Assistant

Nathan Peel
CM Campus Worship and Tech Leader

Nathan Tobin
Technical Director

Ryan Gillam
Associate Worship Director

Steve Rader
Assistant Technical Director

Tim Drury
Video Director

Timothy Hassall
Scott Campus Worship Leader


The primary purpose of the Leadership Council is to establish policy, financial reporting, compensation review, and budget approval. The Leadership Council consists of members of the Board of Trustees, Finance Team, and Personnel Team, representatives from our Satellite Campuses, the Chairperson of the Legacy Foundation Committee and the Senior Staff.

Chair – Jon Clark

Vice Chair – Patrick Holland

Treasurer – Phil Climaco

Secretary – Teri Monken

Board of Trustees:
The Board of Trustees is responsible for making motions to the council concerning large monetary projects and issues that deal with property, insurance, and facilities. The board consists of 6 members who have a background in either construction, real estate, insurance, property management, property law, or business management.

Chair – Todd Favre, Coy Mullenix, Rachel Timmermann, John Farnen, Betsy Witt, Matthew Steely

Finance Team:
The Finance Team is responsible for presenting an annual budget for approval to the council, managing cash flow and overall stewardship of the church’s resources. The Finance Team consists of 6 members.  The Treasurer, the staff Finance Administrator and four lay leaders.  They will have experience in either banking, business management, Finance management, analytics or accounting.

Chair – Mike Michael, Treasurer – Phil Climaco, Samantha Dehart-Strom, Shane Neel, Julie Frerichs, Jill Rice, Sara Buetow

Personnel Team:
The Personnel Team is responsible for approving staff positions, compensation and policies and bringing any motions to the council that involves staff/employment issues. This team consists of 6 lay members who have experience in human resource, personal management, or personnel law

Chair – Lisa Safarian, E.K. Kelly, Alan Dow, Josh Veath, Chris Bortz, Erik Arneson

Campus Reps:
The Campus Representatives are responsible for representing their perspective campus and bringing any applicable campus issues to the attention of the Council.

Jon Clark, Patrick Holland, Rose Harrelson

Legacy Foundation Chairperson:
The Christ Church Legacy Foundation Chairperson represents Legacy Foundation Committee.

Chair – Alan Prass