Read Through The Bible With Us!

At Christ Church, we believe being in the word is of utmost importance to being a disciple of Jesus Christ. By reading the word of God, we have a better understanding who God is, what God said, and how we, His creation, are to live.


We welcome you to join our community of nearly 2,000 people from 22 different countries as we Walk Through the Word.

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What is Walk Through The Word?

Rev. Shane’s Walk Through the Word Bible study is a global endeavor by Christ Church to help others engage in the Bible daily. In 2018 and 2019, the Walk Through the Word group studied the New Testament each day. In 2021, we completed the first third of the Old Testament, from Genesis to 2 Kings. In 2022, we will complete the middle third of the Old Testament, including 1 Chronicles through Song of Solomon. And then in 2023 we will complete the final third of the Old Testament taking us from Isaiah through Malachi.

Why Should I Join A Walk Through The Word Group?

An important part of Walk Through the Word is that we are a community. You can feel free to ask questions, offer your own experiences, and share how the scripture or the devotional has affected you. Our vibrant group, filled with believers from all parts of Christianity is what makes it special.

What will I Get When I Join A Group?

Six days out of the week, a devotional is written by either Rev. Shane or one of the guest contributors. This devotional is attached to a section of scripture for the day and will guide you through the material with insights, thoughts, and background to help the Bible come alive. On Sunday of each week, there is a guided prayer to give us a period of rest from the study, but also to focus us on God.

What Is The Reading Schedule?

Jan/Feb 2022