Who We Are

Christ Church is a vibrant and growing worship community with multiple locations in the Metro East area.  Christ Church is a congregation that has grown from 200 to over 2,000 since 1997.

Our Mission

We exist to connect people with Jesus Christ

Our Strategy

To Reach Out, Welcome and Disciple through Worship and Service.

Our Standard

We are serious about being disciples of Jesus Christ.  Our standard calls us to worship, join a Connect Group, serve our neighbor and to tithe.  We call it “Worship +2 and a Tithe.”  We call this SYNC and it is all about syncing your life with God’s big plan through worship, loving God, loving neighbor and generosity.  No matter which campus you attend, there is a place for you to SYNC at Christ Church.

Want To Become A Member?

Contact Rev. Carman Wuebbels, Pastor of Congregational Care, to learn more. 


Important Documents

2020 Approved Articles of Incorporation

Christ Church Faith and Practice

The Bylaws of Christ Church

Ordination & Licensing

Christ Church is an Independent Congregation

Hear from our Executive Director and Finance Chair about how Christ Church operates as an independent congregation.

Executive Director Alan Prass alanprass@mychristchurch.com
Finance Chair Dave Merrill davemerrill@mychristchurch.com

Worship Arts at Christ Church

Dr. Don Frazure has been leading Worship Arts at Christ Church for over fifteen years. Hear how our worship style is selected and how you can get involved with our Worship and Tech team.

Pastor of Worship Arts Don Frazure DonFrazure@mychristchurch.com

Discipleship at Christ Church

Growing in your faith is at the core of our relationship with Jesus. Hear from our Adult Discipleship Director on the opportunities you have to become a disciple.

Adult Discipleship Director Kevin Siddle KevinSiddle@mychristchurch.com

Communication at Christ Church

We strive to connect you with Jesus Christ and communication is a vital part of our strategy. If you have any questions about communications at Christ Church contact Director of Communications, Justin Aymer at JustinAymer@mychristchurch.com.

Congregational Care at Christ Church

We love to care for individuals and families in our congregation. Hear about our Congregational Care team and how they can connect you and your family with Jesus.

Pastor of Congregational Care Carman Wuebbels CarmanWuebbels@mychristchurch.com